Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hasta luego, y pronto yo espero

Pues, yo termine con las fotos de Costa Rica, hasta mi proxima viaje. Espero que estara pronto, pero no se cuando regresara. Por cierto quiero visitar cada ano y si yo puedo dos veces cada ano!
Well, I am finished with my pictures of Costa Rica, until my next trip! I hope that it will be some, but I don't know when I will return. Certainly I want to visit every year and if I can twice a year.

Terminare mi blog con fotos de mi fiesta despedida y otra fotos que yo queria compartir Gracias para visitando mi blog y compartiendo mis historias y adventuras. Hasta la proxima vez!
I will finish my blog with pictures of my farewell party and other pictures I wanted to share. Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing my stories and adventures. Until next time!

And of course, Rosy

By now you know that Rosy is by far my favorite! My first trip, I spent a lot of time with her living in her home and at her cafe. She quickly stepped in and became my caretaker, whether I wanted it or not, which was endearing. Though everyone was very excited about my return trip, it was Rosy who called and insisted that I stay with her.......trumping everyone else, and we'd travel together back to Coronado to see everyone else. She has willingly tolerated me for 2 weeks, both visits! (I'm not sure who cries more at the airport her or me? It's always a teary, teary, good-bye with us!) Though she doesn't have a cafe right now, she still enjoys cooking greatly and anxiously awaited me to wake each morning to prepare my breakfast! SWEET! We spent a few days cooking together so I can learn how to make some typically Tico food! I was trained by the best! My favorite time with her, this trip, was bar hopping! We had a blast! I have since then sworn off tequila!

This woman goes non-stop, all day every day! I would beg her to rest, even if for just a moment! (The picture with her sitting on the couch eating an apple was the one time she actually listened to me!) It's her personality to always being doing something. She wakes up at 5:30am and off, she goes! I, on the other hand, woke up around 10am, and was still sluggish until noon! She is the oldest of all the siblings (Lorena, Mierna, Yehu, Cesar, y Annette) and imagine that's where she got her caretaking nature.

She was generally uncooperative for most photo opportunities, so I don't have any great pictures of her. But don't let her serious face fool you.....she will love you to pieces! She is very affectionate and doesn't care if you are or not! She full of hugs and kisses, and even shares my cynicism!

I am still hoping she will visit her soon! She used to live her in Indy, and I wasn't fortunate enough to know her then! However, if she ever visits, we'll have a Tico style fiesta at my house!

The loveable Tias!

The Tias, or the aunts, are the oldest living members of this large family. I gave up on trying to remember everyone's names, which worked out great, because they all went by Tia. Everyone just called them all Tia! They were the best! They couldn't talk to me enough! They all told me that they look forward to meeting and getting to know new people, and it was great pleasure that they welcomed me to their home, whenever possible. One night, Rosy and I walked down to the Tia's home, in San Carlos, at 10pm because they hadn't seen me that day and wanted to have coffee with me! (Seriously, how could I not love Costa Rica with people like this!) I felt badly for never staying the night at their home, but promised to do so my next visit! Don't you just want to hug and kiss on them? (I accidentally put two of the same photos up, and can't un-do it!)

Yehudith and Luis

I have long said that Yehu is the craziest of them all, but I love her to death! We always have so much fun together. I have never spent the night at her house, but if anyone is looking for me, they will usually start at Yehu's house. I am always there whenever I can be. She and her boyfriend Luis, insisted on taking me to the airport, which was super sweet of them to do. Her son was the official photographer at the party!

Cesar y Lilli

Cesar is one of the brothers and is married to Lilli. I took a fond liking to them on my first visit especially because they had wireless internet in their home, just across the way from where I was staying. Of course that's not the only thing I like about them. We had quit the party at their house too! I will say that I didn't get to spend hardly any time with them this visit. Cesar was out of town until Friday, but happily came to my good-bye BBQ! He even brought his dog to play with Cosmo!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mierna, Marcos, Yuli, y Fernando

Mierna is another sister. She is married to Marcos and their children are Yuli and Fernando. I don't have a picture of Fernando. He wasn't feeling all the pictures, but as you can see the rest weren't camera shy! Mierna's eyes are always closed in pictures! We have devised a plan that includes lots of tape and super-glue to help her with this problem! Jajajaaja

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Lorena is another sister. She is really into quilting, but hasn't finished my quilt for my bed yet! She is quiet compared to the other siblings, but very enjoyable! We have enjoyed many cups of coffee together!